Face of the Phillies Franchise

The face of the Phillies franchise has been missing since being represented by Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Cole Hamels. Over the “rebuilding” years the Phillies have turned expiring contracts and end of their prime players into young and upcoming stars.

As a fan favorite, Rhys Hoskins has embraced the role. Over the offseason, Rhys has been representing the Phillies during charity events, meetings with Phillies prospects, 76ers’ games, and Eagles games. Giving the franchise a stable and liked representation.

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Bash Brother Hoskins

Hoskins was born in Sacramento, CA in 1993. He was eventually drafted in the fifth round of the 2014 June amateur draft by the Phillies. He got to work, establishing his talent and promise in the minor leagues averaging .287/.375/.532 in four seasons along with a total of 93 Home Runs.

Hoskins and Dylan Cozens became teammates for the AA affiliate Reading Fightin Phils. Both of the power hitters in the same lineup quickly got labeled as the “Bash Brothers”. And for the right reasons, the duo hit 78 home runs and 241 RBIs in the 2016 season alone. The teammates also got named CoMVPs for Reading. Hoskins was able to be a leader on and off the field catapulting his own career.

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His final step before the big show in Philadelphia lasted 115 games in AAA Lehigh Valley. Hitting .284/.385/.581 for Lehigh Valley. Finally, Hoskins got the call he was looking for, getting his MLB debut on August 10, 2017.

Rhys Lightning

The Phillies embraced him representing the team on his arrival. Even going as far as creating “The Rhys Lightning Ticket Bundle” for September 15-17, 2017. All participants got a Scoreboard porch ticket plus a Rhys Lightning T-shirt for a total of $17. (Also Hoskins’ jersey number).

The Rhys lighting nickname might not stick with him long-term but the Phillies couldn’t ask for a more complete player to represent the Phillies and their quest for a Championship team.

Face of the Phillies Franchise

If you follow Bryce Harper or Hoskins on social media you don’t have to look far to see Hoskins’ effort. The comments and likes back and forth might be driving a lot of fans nuts. But the underlying factor of this is positive for the Phillies. Hoskins has earned respect by fans and players in the league.

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The possible addition of Harper will put a lot of people in the seats at Citizens Bank Park and create a lot of hype. But even a addition of that magnitude will not effect Hoskins stature among the team. You will see their faces together on Phillies advertisements but inside the clubhouse and on the field Hoskins has a stable grip on the team. Harper has a history of clashing with teammates like the memorable argument between Harper and Jonathan Papelbon when Harper entered the dugout. Hoskins will also benefit from the addition of Andrew McCutchen as the veteran can help fine-tune leadership skills.

The Phillies franchise is trending in a positive direction. Aaron Nola had a CY Young caliber year in 2018, the Phillies have been in pursuit of top free agents and in win-now mode. They also have the pieces in the minor leagues to acquire an elite talent like JT Realmuto.

Hoskins could use another “bash brother”. Maybe Harper, or maybe even someone else. Having Hoskins as the team leader will also give the Phillies the flexibility of adding a big name to the order that is not a known “leader” of the team. The Phillies are in good hands. Hoskins and the Phillies would welcome a big hitter like Harper into the system, taking one more step changing those Howard, Utley, and Hamels jerseys across the stadium into Hoskins, Harper, and Nola jerseys.

Feature Image via Travis Gaugler
All stats via Baseball-Reference.com