Rhys Hoskins is making history for the Phillies

Hoskins is making history

Rhys Hoskins accomplished something last night that only two other Phillies’ players have ever done before. That is hit 50+ home runs in a player’s first two seasons.  The other two players to do this were Don Hurst and Chuck Klein. Along with Hoskins becoming the third Phillies player to do this, he also became the second fastest Phillie to hit 50 career home runs. The 25-year-old did this in just 192 games, making history within two categories with just one swing.


How good has Hoskins been?

As you can see from the tweet above, Hoskins reached the 50 home run milestone in the seventh-fastest pace in baseball history. Again, from above, Hoskins hit 50 home runs in just 10 more games than it took Ryan Howard. We can remember how good Howard was during his first four years in the Major Leagues. If this stat shows us anything, it is that Hoskins will be a major piece of the Phillies’ future.


Hoskins also has the record for fastest player to reach 11 career home runs. This took him just 18 career games. Hoskins began making history just 18 games into his career. There is no doubt that the Sacramento native has the power to be a middle of the order bat, but that’s not all. Throughout his short career, Hoskins is slashing .253/.367/.531 with a .898 OPS. This is outstanding for a player that has only played 192 games. Along with his 50 home runs, Hoskins has 140 RBIs. This means that he is not just hitting home runs, he is delivering in the clutch when runners are on base.

Projecting Hoskins’ career

Look I’m not going to sit hit and tell you that Hoskins is going to break the all-time home run record. I’m not crazy, but if we look at what Howard was able to in his career it could be interesting. Howard finished his career with 382 home runs and 1194 RBIs. However, after Howard tore his Achilles, he hit just 96 home runs in a five-year span. Looking back at these stats, it would have been a lot of fun to see what Howard could have done if he never got injured.


This makes me think that Hoskins could be able to surpass Howard’s home run total, barring any injuries. This is a big if, baseball is a long season and anything can happen. But I love what I’ve seen from Hoskins in his first 192 games. We are a long way away from Hoskins beating Howard’s 382 home runs, but it will definitely be an exciting ride.

Statistics for this article are from baseballreference.com
Featured Image from Duane Loveland via Flickr

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