Philadelphia Phillies: Is Asdrubal Cabrera the right bat?

Is Asdrubal Cabrera the right bat?

General manager Matt Klentak and the Phillies finally made a move and added the bat they so desperately need in Asdrubal Cabrera. But is he the right bat for the Phillies? The Phillies have reported that they will use the switch-hitter at all 3 positions.

Cabrera plays shortstop, third and second base. Without a doubt, he will add a consistent hitter with some pop to the lineup. While playing with the Mets, he was batting  277 with 18 home runs and 58 RBI.

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Where does that leave current players?

With the resurgence of Makiel Franco and consistency of 2nd basemen Cesar Hernandez that leaves Cabrera primarily playing shortstop. This isn’t an issue unless you are Scott Kingery or J.P. Crawford. Is this trade holding Kingery and Crawford’s potential back?

As of now, the answer to that is NO no he is not. The Phillies love Kingery and they will find a way to get him in the lineup. Now, with Crawford maybe they give Franco a night off against a tough righty but with a slow start and injury holding Crawford back, things look bleak for the young shortstop.

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Last thing to consider

Now back to the main question. Is Cabrera the right bat? Yes, and I will tell you why. Adding a bat with consistent contact and power will only make whoever bats in front of him a more dangerous hitter. Look at Carlos Santana. There is no presence behind him so pitchers can work around Santana and not have to force pitches.

Plus, adding a switch-hitting bat to the lineup only benefits the Phillies in every way. Most importantly, we just wait for the arrival of Cabrera and continue to watch an exciting baseball team take the national league east by storm and push towards the teams first playoff appearance since 2011.


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