Samuel Morin

2013 first-round pick Morin suffers new injury

Samuel Morin’s torn ACL leaves unclear future for the Flyers

As the Lehigh Valley Phantoms finished their season in Charlotte two weeks ago, Samuel Morin also has an idea about how his next season is going to go.

Morin suffered from a torn ACL during a playoff game against the Charlotte Checkers on May 9. Morin’s skate got caught on a rut in the ice while he attempted to check an opponent. This caused the ACL tear in his right knee, according to an article from NBC Sports Philadelphia.


The 2013 first-round draft pick struggled with multiple injuries over the past few years. This year, Morin played in only 15 games for the Phantoms and two for the Flyers, spending the rest of the season on the sideline due to a recurring groin injury.

The 6-foot-7 defenseman gets compared to Chris Pronger thanks to his size and ability. But with his newest injury, Flyers fans began losing sight on this player that came with so much hype. Coming off two big seasons for the Phantoms, Morin had a shot at finally making an impact in the Flyers’ lineup, but all of that changes now with the injury.


How will the Flyers fill this void?

As of now, Morin has yet to receive surgery on his torn ACL. Once the surgery happens, he will have a long road to recovery. Flyers General manager Ron Hextall told NBC Sports Philadelphia that they are expecting a nine-month recovery time for Morin. Now, instead of getting his shot at playing in the NHL next season, the 22-year-old will begin his rehab and hope to make it back into the Phantoms lineup in February 2019.

As of right now, the Flyers will miss the high-caliber defenseman from the Phantoms that they call upon when needed. What does this mean for the Flyers heading into the NHL Draft? Well, if we learned anything from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Flyers need a more secure defense. With the loss of this up-and-coming defenseman, the Flyers need to consider their options moving forward.


Featured photo; Tori Hartman via Flickr.