Is the 10th overall pick destined to be traded by the Sixers?

What Options Do the Sixers Have With the 10th Overall Pick?

After a solid 2018 postseason, the 76ers have a lot of options with the 10th overall pick. Just last year Philly had the first overall pick and selected Markelle Fultz. Although he missed the majority of the season with an injury, Philadelphia still made the playoffs. Playoff teams rarely find themselves in a position to take a lottery pick, however, the Sixers have managed just that. With the 10th pick in the 2018 NBA draft, the options are endless. This year’s talent boasts a lot of skilled big men and point guards but Philly’s true need is not in either of those departments. There isn’t a deep pool of three and defensive players, which might lead to the Sixers trading the pick. If Philadelphia isn’t happy with any of the potential prospects, a better offseason move would be to package the pick to trade for another star.

How much talent is in this year’s draft?

The 10th overall pick puts Philadelphia in a great place to draft a third star for the team. Although lottery picks don’t always pan out as superstars in the league, the Sixers only need a consistent scoring threat. Last year, the team was loaded with three-point depth, but the lack of shooting for Ben Simmons forced many players to create shots for themselves. Catch and shoot players are not the most reliable when defenses pick up their perimeter tempo. One prospect who could remedy this is Mikal Bridges from Villanova. He is a bit undersized at the forward position but his 43.5 percent from deep makes him an instant threat to NBA defenses. The Sixers are fairly confident with their PF/C combo of Embiid and Saric, but the addition of Bridges would give them another lengthy shooter.

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A tale of two Bridges

Another good option for Philly at the 10th overall selection would be Miles Bridges. The Michigan State standout is a beast when attacking the basket, and his jump shot has major potential for the NBA. He was streaky at times, only putting up 36.4 percent from behind the three-point line. One upside to his shooting is his form, which has great potential for the NBA. Similar to a young LeBron James, he is fearless when attacking the basket, and confident when pulling up for a shot. He will have plenty of time to improve is shooting when he enters the league. Another upside to Bridges is his build. At 225 pounds he is a lot stronger than most college prospects. This will give him an advantage against stronger NBA players and defenses. Strength will also help him against post players and quick scorers.

Philly Tweeted a few pictures from the NBA combine:

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They also Tweeted an animation to compliment their draft position:

Should the Sixers trade the 10th overall pick?

One potential option is to trade the 10th overall pick. Philly got pretty lucky with this one, especially after making it to the second round of the playoffs. Many NBA stars are set to become free agents following the 2019 season. This gives Philadelphia a great opportunity at landing a star player, without paying big money for their services. Kawhi Leonard is a top prospect entering free agency in 2019. If the Sixers are serious about picking him up, the 10th overall pick might entice the Spurs to part with him.

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Any trade Philly looks to make this summer might break up their core players, especially Saric and Covington. The team would never part with Simmons and Embiid, making their third and fourth best players susceptible to a trade. For Philadelphia, the best route might be trading the pick to acquire the likes of a Kawhi Leonard. However, using the pick on a fresh new prospect would be a lot cheaper for the team financially. It could also result in a new star joining the powerhouse Sixers alongside Simmons and Embiid.

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