Sixers acquire Jimmy Butler from Minnesota

Sixers acquire Jimmy Butler 

Well, there it is ladies and gentlemen Jimmy Butler has finally been traded. After an offseason filled with drama where many expected him to be traded he ended up staying in Minnesota to begin the season. However, after openly showing his displeasure the Wolves finally had enough. The 76ers made the move sending Robert Covington and Dario Saric. This is certainly an interesting move for the Sixers as they try and position themselves in the east. As the Sixers acquire Butler lets dive deeper into things.

Butler fed up with Minnesota

This move was not a matter of if but when. The final straw appeared to come last night. The Timberwolves lost in Sacremento 121-110 their fifth straight loss. Butler played 41 minutes and after the game let out his displeasure.

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Tom Thibedeau has a reputation for playing his starters long minutes. Last Friday Butler was seen on the bench waving a towel with Warriors fans. The beef between the two sides couldn’t have been any bigger.

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How does Butler help the Sixers

For the Sixers, they gain a player in Butler who will help them immediately. Currently, Joel Embiid is playing at an MVP caliber level. Last night against the Hornets he put up 42 points and 18 rebounds in the teams 133-132 overtime victory.

Ben Simmons also had a good game but its clear Embiid has emerged as the leader. Maybe Butler can be the fire needed to motivate Markelle Fultz. He may also be able to ignite a fire under Simmons and get him to be more aggressive.

Is Butler the missing piece.

Is Butler the piece to an NBA title for the Sixers? No. But what he does bring is one of the games best two-way defenders. Currently, the Sixers are sitting third in the Eastern Conference. Butler is someone who can create his own shot and can also emerge as a closer for the team. In 10 games this season Butler is averaging 21.3 points per game on 47.1% shooting. The last four seasons Butler has averaged at least 20 points per game.

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This move comes early in the season so it gives Butler time to gel with his new team. The Sixers should be one of the best defensive teams in the league. While I believe the team needs to make another move to add to their bench this move solidifies them as a top three team in the East.

As the Sixers acquire Butler what are your thoughts on the move?

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