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Sixers hire Elton Brand as general manager: Initial thoughts

 Brand is the next Sixers GM

Well, one of the strangest general manager searches in sports history has officially come to an end. The Sixers have hired former player and more recently Delaware Blue Coats GM Elton Brand to take over as President of Basketball Operations. The decision to hire Brand comes after months of numerous reports that the Sixers were looking for a candidate with both experience, and a willingness to work with the staff already in place in the front office.


Why hire Brand?

For a job that was touted by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski as “one of the best jobs in basketball”, it seems strange that the 76ers couldn’t find anyone with more than one year of G-League general manager experience. Regardless, the team seems to really believe in Brand, and they’ve proven it time and time again.

It was only two years and eleven days ago that the Sixers signed Brand to be a player for the team. Since then he’s received multiple promotions through the ranks of the organization, culminating in this most recent one.


Because of Brand’s complete lack of experience, we don’t have much to go off as to what his team building philosophy will be. However, this team has acknowledged numerous times that they are but one star away from contention. Bringing in a well-respected former player could certainly help entice free agents next summer.

How should we feel about this choice?

It was always ridiculous that ownership was looking for candidates with a combination of experience and willingness to keep the front office intact. Setting these parameters immediately cuts your search to a very few select individuals. However, given those circumstances, Brand might just be about as interesting a guy for the job as they could find.

The second the news broke, I was shocked and confused. Now, while still shocked and confused, I see the upside. Brand has a basketball IQ through the roof from his playing days. He can offer a more modern voice to what remains of the Colangelo front office

Still, hiring someone with this little experience in this crucial time for the franchise is a head-scratcher. Given the opportunities this job currently presents, you’d think the Sixers could have found a proven candidate to finish the job and bring the team over the edge.


Ultimately, it’s hard to form an opinion on the decision to hire Brand because we don’t know his philosophy. Regardless, he’ll be an interesting guy in the room when the Sixers try to lure their final star to Philly.

Final thought

Brett Brown and the rest of the 76ers ownership seem to really believe in Brand. Until we hear from the former player himself, there’s not much else we can do. I hope and trust that the organization did their due diligence, and ultimately decided on what’s best for the future of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Hopefully Brand and Brown can give us more insight at the press conference on Thursday morning. Until then, it’s best to hold back harsh judgment and see what the team has to say.

It’s worth noting that if Joel Embiid is on board, who are we not to be.

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