Sixers reality show drama: Team can’t escape public eye

Sixers reality show keeps fans entertained all season

This has actually been a great season thus far, despite what looks like a Sixers reality show. Month after month there seems to be something new for the team to worry about.

It isn’t a surprise that Philly can’t escape the limelight. This era of the team infamously started with multiple tanking seasons to stock up on high draft picks. This was a great plan all the way to last season, where the Sixers would use the first pick on a kid from Washington.

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Markelle Fultz kicked off the never-ending drama with his phantom shoulder injury. Causing him to disappoint fans by missing nearly his entire rookie season.

Soon after the team would experience an even greater problem. A breaking story by The Ringer suggested that general manager Bryan Colangelo had multiple Twitter accounts.

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Not only did the accounts contain rants about the players and the former GM, but also sensitive information about the health and atmosphere of the locker room.

When confronted, Colangelo blamed the entire thing on his wife, who eventually took the fall for him. There hasn’t been a shortage of problems this season either, welcome to the Sixers reality show.

Despite headline after headline, Landry Shamet has been a bright spot for the team:

Guest starring…Jimmy Butler!

There has been no shortage of drama since Philly traded for Butler earlier this season. The former Timberwolf made a splash in his first few games. He hit a couple game winners to earn the respect of his teammates.

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However since then, it seems like the fairy tale has been anything but. Rumors indicated that star center Joel Embiid was unhappy with the amount of shots he was getting alongside his new offensive juggernaut.

Sometime after, it appeared Embiid wasn’t really upset with Butler at all, and maybe his problems all along have been young point guard Ben Simmons.

It is hard to tell where the problems really lie, especially since head coach Brett Brown doesn’t seem to be the force necessary to end the problems in the locker room.

Last week, an altercation between Simmons and Embiid sent shock-waves throughout the fan-base. After Embiid went up for a solo rebound, Simmons appeared to come out of nowhere and strike him across the face trying to grab the ball.

Embiid fell to the floor clutching his face and yelling at Simmons. After the game he responded to comments about Simmons. He mentioned his only problem was the fact that has had already injured his face in the past.

It seemed like the Sixers reality show was finally reaching its peak. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like its going to end anytime soon.

Butler clashed with head coach Brown earlier this week:

Butler unhappy in the offensive…what’s new?

Earlier this week reports began suggesting Butler had beef with coach Brown. The beef exactly? Butler is unhappy with the way he fits into the offense.

This isn’t the first time Butler has been unhappy with the amount of touches he’s received. It was a similar story in Chicago and Minnesota, both places he left in flames.

No locker room is ever the same after Butler leaves, this is evident by the toxic environments he leaves when he finally parts ways with a team. It should also be mentioned every time he leaves a team, it isn’t a pretty departure.

The Sixers reality show could really do without a never-ending drama machine like Butler. At the same time, he is just the piece the team needs to close out big games, especially in the playoffs.

It’s interesting that a team who sits fourth in the Eastern Conference could experience so many headlines and so much drama. Going forward, these are the types of locker room atmospheres that hinder a team from winning it all.

If Philly is serious about making a run this June, it starts with ending the Sixers reality show drama. This is the year the City of Brotherly Love could take a home Larry O’Brien Trophy, but it all starts it in the locker room.

Breaking news: Philly signs G-League standout Haywood Highsmith to a 2-way contract:

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