Ski mask season: Eagles must force turnovers to upset the Saints

Ski mask season

Every team these days seems to have their celebration for when they force a turnover. The Miami Hurricanes have the Turnover chain and the Eagles have the Ski mask. Something simple yet something that has seemed to turn things around. The ski masks first appearance came week 14 against the Cowboys. While that day the Eagles lost they have since picked things up. For the Eagles to advance to a second consecutive NFC Championship game the ski mask will need to make several appearances.

Win the turnover battle

It’s rare that a team can go on the road against the number one defense have a -2 turnover ratio and still win. The Eagles somehow managed to pull it off becoming the eighth team in playoff history to do so.

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However, if the Eagles do the same thing Sunday their chances of winning will be slim and none. Against the Bears, the Eagles secondary had several golden opportunities to intercept Mitchell Trubisky but just couldn’t come through. Some of the throws were gift wrapped. Ultimately the Bears played turnover-free football but a double doink denied their chances at winning.

Round two will be different

This defense is rolling high. Since the 48-7 beat down this defense has slowed down the Rams and Texans and shutout the Redskins. In the process over the last five games since the ski masks introduction, the Eagles have forced eight turnovers. Now we know Drew Brees in the dome come playoff time is almost unstoppable but there is hope. The Cowboys were able to shutdown the Saints holding them to just 10 points in week 13 picking Bress off once. Way back in week two the Browns held the Saints to 21 points and forced two turnovers. Brees has never lost a home playoff game in New Orleans but hey all good things must come to an end.

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What must this defense do

Now it will sound very cliche but the Eagles must get pressure on Drew Brees. Something they failed to do consistently against the Bears. Trubiksy ended up throwing for 303 yards and Allen Robinson had a field day in the second half. Trubisky gave the Eagles several chances to pick him off.

Bress will only give you one or two good chances. To have a great chance at winning I believe if the Eagles can find a way to force at least two turnovers that will greatly boost their chances. During last years Super Bowl run the Eagles were able to force four turnovers in three games.

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