Sudfeld Flashed

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Sudfeld flashes potential against Steelers

Nate Sudfeld Flashes

Sudfeld flashed some potential in tonight’s opening preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The third-string quarterback was up and down in the first half.  Early in the game, the Nick Foles clone clearly did have some nervousness and a touch of the jitters.  However, he was able to settle in and start showing the tantalizing skill set that the coaches feel he has.


Fletcher Cox dominates early

The Eagles defense was on the field to start the game.  While the starters were obviously not going to play more than a series or two, Cox was strong early.  On the Steelers opening drive,  Cox showed why he is a top defensive player across the league.  The All-pro powered by the starting guard and pro bowler David DeCastro, of the Steelers, earning himself a sack.

Jenkins blitzes Landry

Malcolm Jenkins showed his jack of all trades ability.  The pro bowl safety can cover like a corner and hit like a linebacker.  On the first drive of the game for the Steelers, the Eagles executed a zero blitz.  This is when a defense plays man to man and brings extra defenders rushing the quarterback.  Jenkins flew into the backfield and sacked quarterback Landry Jones for the second explosive play by the Eagles starting defense.


Sudfeld flashed on throws to Goedert

Sudfeld flashed after throwing an opening drive interception.  There was no other way to put it other than it was a horrible throw.  He looked the cornerback off and came back to the wideout on the same side.  The problem is that he didn’t see that corner Coty Sensabaugh had deep help and let the receiver run down the field.  He stepped back into Sudfelds throwing lane and picked him off.

The mark of a true professional, however, is a short memory and quick bounce back.  On the next set of downs, Sudfeld flashed with a good throw on a deep crossing pattern hitting tight end Dallas Goedert.  That throw went for twenty-two yards.  He would have had even more yards later on the drive.  Goedert dropped an easily catchable ball on another nicely run pattern across the field.

Sudfeld connects for two TD’s

The chemistry that Sudfeld and Goeddert have is quite evident.  On the Eagles scoring drive in the second quarter, Sudfeld hit Goedert on a Zack Ertz inspired seam throw for nineteen yards.  That play brought them close to the red zone.  A couple of running plays later, the duo hooked up on a nearly twenty-yard touchdown pass.  This was made possible because of a nice bit of adjustment on the pass pattern by Goedert to help out a scrambling Sudfeld.


Sudfelds second touchdown was a strong display of arm strength and touch. He threw a 63-yard strike to wideout Shelton Gibson.  Gibson showed world-class speed blowing by the Pittsburgh corner.  The most impressive part of the throw was how he calmly stayed in the pocket and decisively dropped a gorgeous bomb right into Gibson’s hands.  As a result, Gibson didn’t have to even break stride.

Still no controversy

Despite Sudfelds strong first-half showing, it’s laughable to think there is any hard decision to be made.  Wentz is the starter when he is ready.  Foles is the back up when he is ready.  Sudfeld is what he is, and what he represents is intriguing.  If the coaches can manage to develop him enough this preseason, what they have is an alluring piece that may be too tempting for another team to pass up.

Foles could be a highly sought after option if another team loses its starter to injury.  If Sudfeld is ready, don’t be shocked if the Eagles move Foles somewhere else.  What could be more comforting for any QB challenged team than a Super Bowl MVP coming to the rescue?


Photos: Brian Skversky Flickr
Stats provided by NBC Sports