Three Reasons Home Field Advantage Is Critical For The Eagles


Home Field Advantage

The Eagles will have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs for the first time since 2004. That year, we all remember how good it felt to finally get over the hump and advance to the Super Bowl. This year, the Eagles come into Week 17 with nothing but pride to play for. Expect the majority of the starters to play to try and stay in rhythm for the Divisional round. Brandon Graham and Joe Walker have been ruled out while Jalen Mills is questionable. We could also see Sidney Jones make his Eagles debut, as Walker was placed on IR. While Week 17 doesn’t have much meaning just how important will home field advantage be for the Eagles in January?

It’s Good to Be Home

The Eagles come into Sundays game 7-0 at home this season. Dating back to 2016, the team is 13-2 at home. In the Eagles two prior Super Bowl appearances in 1980 and 2004, the Eagles won the NFC Championship game on their home field. The Eagles have dominated at home, averaging just over 32 points per game and winning five of the seven games by double figures. The Eagles will look for history to repeat itself and advance to Minnesota.


Home Field in Recent Years

Home field advantage is crucial in the playoffs. Last season, home teams in the playoffs were 8-2. In the last four seasons, teams hosting the AFC or NFC Championship games are 8-0. The Eagles will have a better idea of who will be coming to town during divisional weekend once the seeds are determined on Sunday. While there will be no Carson Wentz, teams will have to overcome the cold and 70,000 roaring Eagles fans in order to advance.

Best Fans In The World

Eagles fans have traveled well all season long. Players have often stated that road games have felt like home games. As it stands right now, the Eagles have already defeated the Panthers and Rams this season. Last season, the Eagles were able to defeat both the Vikings and Falcons at home. Monday’s victory was a perfect example of how the home crowd can push them over the top. On a cold windy night with a struggling offense, the fans provided that extra energy to boost the team and get them over the top. With a win on Sunday, the Eagles will have an undefeated home regular season record for the first time since 1992.


Two Wins Away

With every good story, there is a bad side to it. Yes, I know the Eagles lost their last playoff game at home. The dome team, New Orleans Saints, came into the cold and got the better of the Eagles. And the Eagles did lose two consecutive NFC Championship games at home. This year, the Eagles look to make up for the past and advance to the franchise’s third Super Bowl appearance. Expect it to be cold and loud, as the Eagles sit two home wins away from having the chance to play for the Lombardi trophy. They say that the third times the charm.

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