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Top Alternative’s to Manny Machado

Top Alternatives to Manny Machado

As we begin this article, let’s step into Matt Klentak and the Philadelphia Phillies shoes and break down the top alternatives to all-star free agent Manny Machado.

Free Agent Alternatives

Mike Moustakas


Firstly, Moustakas and the Phillies have been linked together since last years trade deadline. But, there is no surprise there are many rumors floating around that the Phillies may pursue the left-handed slugging third basemen.

Furthermore, bringing in Moustakas instead of Machado would obviously save the Phillies a hefty amount of money. Furthermore, bringing a much needed left-handed hitter into the Phillies everyday lineup.


For instance, Last year Moose hit .251 while slugging 28 homers and driving in 98 runs. Obviously, sliding Moose behind Phillies powerful first basemen Rhys Hoskins would give the Phillies a dangerous combination that would drive in a lot of runs.

Marwin Gonzalez

Interesting enough, most teams consider Gonzalez as a super utility guy. The problem here is the Phillies already have a utility guy in former top prospect Scott Kingery.

Consequently, Skipper Gabe Kapler could slide Gonzalez into the third basemen position permanently. The switch-hitter, which had a down year, provided a decent amount of pop off his bat for the Houston Astros slugging 16 homers.

Lastly, let’s not forget Gonzalez finished ninth in batting average in 2017. Batting .303. If the Phillies could get most of that consistency and decent power, we could have a comeback player of the year candidate.


Hanley Ramirez

Sadly for Ramirez, he was designated for assignment by the 2018 world series winners the Boston Redsox. The slugger struggled drastically in the 2018 season. The 34-year-old veteran hit a slash line of .254/.313/.395 with six home runs and 29 RBIs in a short 44 games last year.

The Phillies could pursue the former rookie of the year as a low-risk high reward type player. Possibly signing Ramirez to a minor league contract with an invite to spring training.

Unfortunately, for Ramirez, the Phillies will most likely pursue Moustakas if they miss out on Machado. Time will tell but signing Ramirez may not be a terrible idea for the City of Brotherly love.

Other Alternatives

Definitely, the Phillies could pursue the trade market but the Phillies in my mind would like to hold on to as many prospects as they can. I believe many Phillies fans and maybe the organization if forgetting about our very own third-basemen Maikel Franco.

Subsequently, last year Franco hit a team-high .270 batting average with 22 homers while driving in 68 RBIs. So if the Phillies somehow miss out on Machado and the rest of the players in this article, they certainly are not in a bad spot with current hot corner player in Franco.

The Wrap Up

In other words, the Phillies will be in a much better position to win the National League East with Machado on board. On the other hand, do not sleep on any player on this list. Each player brings there own dynamic play to the game that would bolster the current Phillies roster.

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