trade news anthony davis

trade news anthony davis

Anthony Davis trade news: Should Philly make an offer for the Brow?

Trade news: Is Anthony Davis the best move for Philly right now?

The NBA has been in absolute chaos since the beginning of the week. Major trade news surfaced about Anthony Davis and fans have been raving ever since.

Not only did Davis turn down any possible extension with New Orleans, his agent Rich Paul issued a statement about the trade. According to his agent, he’s only interested in joining a champion contender.


Major extensions are turned down all the time. Although it is definitely the biggest star in the past decade to turn down such an offer.

What makes this situation so interesting is the potential outcome. If Davis signs with any contender, the landscape of the league will be changed for next decade.


Philly meets the criteria to trade for Davis, but is it the right move? Big man Joel Embiid is having the best season of his career and there is no way he could play alongside another scoring big.

If Philly is serious about making a move for AD, they will have to move on from some of their cornerstone pieces. Losing a player like Simmons or Embiid would be such a major loss. However, the upside of adding Davis could change the fortunes of the team forever.

fivethirtyeight reported on several attractive offers for New Orleans:

What would a trade for Davis look like?

With all the trade news and rumors this season, it might be difficult for the Sixers to make a move for AD. Many sources around the league think the Lakers will make the biggest push for him.


Philly just made a major trade involving Jimmy Butler, which sent shock waves around the league. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to part with any more assets while the current roster is still developing their chemistry.

If a trade were to happen, there are a few players and assets the team would most likely give up on. Markelle Fultz is undoubtedly on the trading block if any deal were to happen. His lack of success with the team after being drafted number one overall has been nothing but disappointing.

While trading down in last years draft wasn’t a smart move in terms of roster talent, it did bag them a draft pick. 16th overall pick Zhaire Smith has yet to play a single NBA minute but a future draft pick or two is always on the board. Currently, the team has a 2019 and 2021 first round draft pick.

That won’t be enough to score a talent like Davis, which is where things get scary for Philly fans. It would be major trade news to see him go anywhere, but who knows what the cost could be.

Davis isn’t the only player Philly fans have their eye on:

Can fans move on from ‘The Process’?

After being selected third overall in 2014, Joel Embiid has been the face of the franchise. Even a phenom like Simmons has yet to be embraced as Embiid has.

The entire ‘Process’ nickname started after it became clear that Embiid would be missing his entire first season with the team. Since then he has been a force in the NBA. He puts up ridiculous numbers while displaying humor and character that has been missing since the glory days of Shaq.

Losing him would be the hardest thing the team has had to do since Allen Iverson was traded in 2006. The biggest problem about getting Davis means the Sixers would have no choice but to trade Embiid.

Although Davis and Embiid are improving three-point shooters, their games gravitate towards the basket, making it impossible for them to thrive together. Another problem with adding AD to a team with Embiid is the lack of perimeter depth they would have.

Simmons is still nowhere close to developing his jumper which means the paint would always be clogged. Ultimately, the team would have to decide on a deal involving a swap with Embiid and Davis, plus a few extra goodies.

When fans and critics think about the Sixers, they picture Embiid’s face. He has been the centerpiece to recent success of the team despite Simmons wizardry on the court. Maybe the best solution for the team is for Davis to stay in the Western Conference. Philly can tweak their final roster and start the push to the playoffs.

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