twitter account joel embiid

twitter account joel embiid

Does Joel Embiid have the NBA’s best Twitter account?

Joel Embiid’s Twitter account is the funniest in the NBA

Twitter has been volatile for celebrities in recent years. A single anger-filled tweet could send a career spiraling. Joel Embiid embraces the current culture, which might be the best thing about him and his Twitter account.

He does not care whatsoever if critics or fans have a problem with his rants. You can find posts about LeBron James, first overall pick DeAndre Ayton, and even singer Rihanna.


Earlier this summer, the Philadelphia center took a shot at Ayton saying that he doesn’t play defense:


The Kansas product has made quite a name for himself, especially after making the second all-defensive team this past season. Embiid’s bright personality is one of the best things about him.

It’s easy for fans to relate with him because he’s always commenting on celebrity beef. His post on the Drake and Pusha T feud had fans raving:

Although Embiid has no problem taking shots at anybody, he is very mild mannered in interviews. Always one to crack a joke or defend his team, you never find the big man snapping at reporters or walking away from interviews.


His attitude is what makes his Twitter account so hilarious, you’d never expect him to be so unpredictable since he can be so humble. Personality is one of the most important things for Philadelphia players. Allen Iverson was loved by the city for his passion and nonstop hustle.

Embiid has that same drive every single possession, on both sides of the ball. He is the real deal on both ends of the court and his hilarious nature makes him an even bigger star in Philly.

Even James can find shade from the big man, he seriously backs down from none:

A date with Rihanna? Too much Henny for Smith? Embiid has no chill!

Everybody remembers when a young Embiid asked singer Rihanna on a date over Twitter. She famously said no and told him to return when he’s an all-star.

Four years later and Embiid is finally an all-star. In a tweet from March, he asks the megastar if she’s single:

She did respond and asked him out on a date, but in a live post-game interview he rejected her date. This is serious shade from a guy who sent a slew of tweets about Rihanna almost four years ago.

Even J.R. Smith can’t hide from the comedic genius of Embiid. After an embarrassing late-game error by Smith in the 2018 NBA finals, Embiid took to his Twitter account to remind everyone who the real culprit was:

Smith dribbled out the clock in the final seconds during game 1 of the NBA finals this past postseason. The only problem was the score was tied after George Hill made the first free throw. Smith committed one of the biggest blunders in recent finals history.

It isn’t a surprise to anyone that the Sixers star would comment on this, especially his ‘Henny’ comment, which has been an ongoing gag about Smith.

There isn’t a funnier Twitter account in the entire NBA. There is not a single player who would take on James, first overall draft picks, and even musicians. No celebrity is safe from Embiid, and this season might be the funniest yet. Just wait and see.

Sixers sign Demetrius Jackson to a two-way contract

Sixers head coach Brett Brown made a statement earlier on the contract of Jackson. He will sign a two-way contract that grants the Sixers the ability to have him play for both them and their G- League affiliate in the Delaware Blue Coats.

Jackson can spend up to 45 days with the Sixers and can be added to the team apart from the 15-man roster. He spent time last season on a two-way contract with both Houston and Philadelphia.

Last season he played 26 games in the G-League and averaged 14.7 points and 4.5 assists per game. Although Philadelphia has about four point guards on the roster, it wouldn’t be surprising if he won extra minutes over T.J. McConnell or rookie Landry Shamet.

With the ability to score the ball and make passes when needed, Jackson is a dual threat on the court. Hopefully, another chance and potential playing time will bring him onto the full-time roster.

Some are already hailing the contract as a ‘great move’ by the Sixers:

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