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Sixers front office ready to make decision on Bryan Colangelo scandal

What will the Sixers do about the Colangelo Twitter scandal?

Last week, a story involving Bryan Colangelo and a Twitter scandal shocked the basketball world. The Ringer reported Colangelo may have been using more than one Twitter account. The content of these accounts was saddening, considering Bryan’s job as GM of the Sixers. Many tweets contained rants about current players and injury information secret to the team. On top of this, some tweets were in total defense of Colangelo and the job he’s done so far in Philly. The story is bizarre, but it is hard to deny the evidence. A few of the accounts followed people close to Colangelo, trashed the former GM of the Sixers, and even defended his dress shirt style. These are all indicators that he or somebody within his closest circle used these accounts.

The Philly front office decided to hold it’s own internal investigation on the matter. That was last week, fans and reporters are anxious to find out the future of Colangelo as GM. It seems like everyone will receive their answers soon enough, as the Sixers are ready to make a decision. Adrain Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that “a decision could be reached as soon as Wednesday.” This is good news for Philly fans because as the offseason draws closer, the team can’t be in turmoil. Sixers fan are itching at the chance to get players like LeBron James or Paul George this summer. Although the team has a lot of talent, players are wary of a franchise with an untrustworthy front office.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Tweeted some vital information about the investigation held by the Sixers:

Fans are not happy about the team keeping Colangelo as GM this far into the investigation:

Should Bryan Colangelo stay? Or should he go?

Fans need to continue to express their displeasure with the owners, especially if the team wants to add another star this offseason. What is ironic about the situation is how similar it is to LeBron’s time in Cleveland. James left the Cavaliers in 2010 after years without a championship. He never got along with owner Dan Gilbert or any of the GM’s employed during his time there. When he returned in 2015, he faced similar issues with the front office and it seems like his time in Cleveland is over again. It does not make sense that a player like James with a history of distrusting his front office would sign somewhere with the same situation.

There is no way Lebron will go to Philly if Colangelo is there. The team has urged that coach Brett Brown and the young talented roster will be the centerpiece of any free agent negotiations. It’s a good strategy, but they will not be able to convince players that the Colangelo Twitter scandal isn’t a problem. Some of the accounts used made negative comments about players. How could a free agent believe that this is not part of the culture in Philadelphia? If the Sixers do not cut ties with the current GM, the possibility of adding LeBron to the team might slip through their fingers. The front office could determine¬†Colangelo is innocent for the sake of keeping him around. If they do, they might find themselves without a new star piece for the 2018 NBA season.

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