Three Flyers on display at USA Hockey Summer Showcase

USA Hockey Summer Showcase will include Flyers prospects

Kicking off at the end of July, the USA World Junior Summer Showcase will commence in Kamloops, British Columbia. Among the players attending the event will be three Flyers prospects, all trying to leave their mark. The USA Hockey Summer Showcase is somewhat of a tryout, giving players their chance to earn a spot on the IIHF World Junior Championship team this December.

Included on the roster are Flyers draftees Noah Cates, Joel Farabee and Jay O’Brien. With more talent coming from the United States each year, there are enough players for the U.S to field two separate teams. All three Flyers prospects, however, will be on “Team White”, playing together for their country.

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What to look for this tournament

The Flyers have such a deep prospect pool, therefore sometimes it’s easy for guys to be forgotten about. Such could be the case for Cates. A phenomenal high-school standout from Stillwater, Minnesota, Cates was drafted in the fifth round by the Flyers in the 2017 NHL draft. The left winger played his first full season in the USHL this year for the Omaha Lancers, thereupon accumulating 55 points in 60 games.

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Committed to the University of Minnesota-Duluth this fall, the 6’1 lefty has long-term goals with the Flyers. “My goal for next season and the next year is to get bigger, stronger, and faster. I want to be a complete player,” said Cates during a 2017 interview. At only 165 lbs during the draft, he has his work cut out for him. though he has since put on almost 15 pounds in the past year.

The talented winger has great ability working in the dirty areas of the ice, but will certainly need to bulk up if he intends on making the big club. Although a natural left winger, it is worth noting that the Flyers had Cates listed as a defenseman during the 2018 Flyers development camp. As a result, it will be interesting to see where he ends up after a few years of playing NCAA hockey.

Other familiar names representing the USA

In addition to Cates, two more recent draftees will be attending the tournament. The 2018 draft saw the Flyers draft two players in the first round, American-born guys Farabee and O’Brien. Both players certainly will look to show off their talent at the USA Hockey Summer Showcase. Flyers fans had the pleasure of seeing both players perform at this summers’ Development Camp.

Farabee and O’Brien will both be spending this season playing NCAA hockey. While Farabee will be playing for Boston University, O’Brien will be closeby playing at Providence College. Therefore the USA Hockey Summer Showcase will be an interesting time to see the two play together, instead of against each other.

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Due to the lineup, it would be interesting to see the two players on the same line. Moreso, if these guys can show chemistry now at an early stage, Flyers fans will be drooling over the idea of them playing together down the road. Who knows, could these three players make up a full Flyers line in 2021?

The USA Hockey Summer Showcase will begin July 28th and end August 4th. The event includes 11 competitions featuring teams from Canada, Finland, Sweden, and the United States. Furthermore, it looks like the amount of talent the USA has could potentially win them the tournament. As a result of the roster, it seems like we could likely see all three Flyers prospects on the ice together at the same time.

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