win or lose

Super Bowl hangover has hit the Eagles hard this year

Win or lose this season is a lost cause

What a difference a year makes right? This time last year the Eagles were soaring high with a 9-1 record and Carson Wentz playing at an MVP level. This year, however, things couldn’t be going any worse for the birds. While their playoff chances are very much alive at this point it’s almost like what’s the point. Win or lose against the Giants this team just has too much to overcome to be Super Bowl contenders.


Injuries decimate the secondary

Injuries have just decimated this team especially in the secondary. Against the Giants, the Eagles will be without their top five cornerbacks and a safety. The team is so thin on the back end they have had to use receivers as corners this week in practice. This is bad news when you have OBJ, Saquan Barkley and company coming to town. This is a Giants team that has figured out the offense as they are averaging 32.5 points per game over the last two. On a positive note, the Eagles will be getting Tim Jernigan back.

No match for the elite

The division is still wide open thanks to the Cowboys 31-23 Thanksgiving day victory over the Redskins. An Eagles win tomorrow puts them just one game out. While that sounds great this team is no match for the top teams. As we saw against the Saints the Eagles just aren’t in the same class as some of the elite teams. A 48-7 loss is the worst we’ve seen since 2015. With a trip to L.A awaiting in a few weeks to play the high powered Rams, it seems we will meet a similar fate. Last year the Eagles had one of the leagues top offenses and a solid defense but this year both units are struggling.


Coaching has been a letdown

In addition to the injuries, the coaching hasn’t done this team any favors either. Between Doug Pederson’s play calling, Mike Groh saying he doesn’t know how to incorporate Golden Tate into the offense and Jim Schwartz sticks defense it’s a mess.

This Eagles offense has only scored over 30 points one time this season. While this season has been rough there is still some hope. Whether the Eagles win or lose tomorrow it’s still Fly Eagles Fly.

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