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Is Zach Ertz the best tight end in the NFL?

Is Ertz the best tight end in the NFL? 

When discussing who the best tight end in the NFL is usually it’s between two choices. Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce. For a time a few others such as Delanie Walker and Greg Olsen were also in the discussion. But there appears to be a passing of the guard. While Gronk and Kelce are great Zach Ertz has now placed himself in that elite category.

Record-setting pace

Through six games so far Ertz is off to a dominant start. With the injuries at receiver, the former Stanford standout is carrying the load on his shoulders. He has 48 receptions for 480 yards and two touchdowns. At this pace, Ertz is going to shatter his career highs. He’s on pace for over 1,280 yards and 128 receptions which would break Jason Witten’s record of 110. Also, the 48 receptions are the most for a tight end through the first six weeks of a season since 1999.


While he isn’t as flashy as Gronk and Kelce the production is still there. Ertz has been targeted 67 times already this season which when taken into perspective is insane. This is with the Eagles drafting Dallas Goedert in the second round but he has yet to really take off.


Model of consistency

Like many Eagles players, Ertz has really elevated his play. Think of Brandon Graham who many people thought was the wrong choice with Earl Thomas on the board. Fast forward to now and Graham has proved his worth. Also look at Nelson Agholor who struggled mightily his first two seasons but has turned it around. The same can be said about Ertz. The biggest knock on him had been his ability to block and break tackles. At times many questioned his toughness.

Despite those concerns through his first five seasons, the 27-year-old has produced 321 catches 3,664 yards and 21 touchdowns. The last three seasons he’s produced at least 74 catches and 816 yards. While he still may not be the best blocker he doesn’t necessarily need to be. Goedert, while he hasn’t shined in the catching game yet, has done an excellent job blocking so far. Ertz has put those toughness questions to bed especially after catching the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl 52.

Is he the best?

Is Ertz the best tight end in the NFL. To be honest it’s a toss-up. Ertz isn’t the big play threat that Kelce or Gronk are and that is okay. What he is though is a technician at the position. I believe he is the best route running tight end and is becoming lethal all over the field.


With Carson Wentz slinging the ball all over the field you can continue to expect to see Ertz continue to dominate. It also helps that With Alshon Jeffery back it’s difficult to hone in on just Ertz. Ertz will look to keep his streak alive of at least five catches going this week against Carolina. Dating back to the playoffs he’s done so in eight straight games.

Who is the best?

If I had to pick right now this would be my top three.

  1. Travis Kelce
  2. Zach Ertz
  3. Gronk

Do you believe Ertz is the best tight end in the NFL? Let us know below.

all stats via NFL.com and pro-football-reference.com
Featured image via Flickr: Guy Harbert